Emergency Services

E-911 Communications Center
The Franklin County 911 Emergency Communications Center is the answering point for all 911 calls within the County. It is a centralized communications hub that provides many services for Emergency Medical Services, Law Enforcement Components, Public Safety Officials and other Public Service entities.   The Communication Center runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year regardless of weather conditions.

Family Resource Center
The Family Resource Center (FRC) was organized in 1983 by representatives from local human service agencies, local businesses, and concerned community citizens to develop and implement services for victims of domestic violence. In 1989, FRC in conjunction with the Franklin County Board of Supervisors developed the Franklin County Department of Family Resources to provide more extensive services for victims of domestic violence, making FRC one of four domestic violence programs in the state to operate under the auspices of a local government.

Public Safety
Franklin County's Department of Public Safety is dedicated to providing Emergency Services, to include, but not limited to, Fire, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Animal Control, and Emergency Management that are delivered in a timely and efficient manner by well-trained and dedicated career and volunteer professionals.

Rocky Mount Police Department (RMPD)
The Rocky Mount Police Department is responsible for patrol duties throughout the corporate limits, working with citizens in neighborhood watch programs, investigations of criminal activities, arresting criminal offenders, providing testimony in criminal trials, and issuing citations. They are also responsible for Town code enforcement, parking enforcement on public streets and parking lots, traffic control and signalization, education and crime prevention, and other matters related to public safety.

Sheriff’s Office
The Franklin County Sheriff's Office employs over 100 members, including both sworn and non-sworn personnel, and is responsible for ensuring that the citizens of Franklin County receive emergency services in a timely and efficient manner. The Sheriff's Office maintains several internal divisions within the organization that deliver a variety of law related services to more than 56,000 citizens of the County. Uniformed personnel also ensure that more than 728 square miles of land mass and waterways are provided with a marked police presence daily.