When is a permit not required?

Common exemptions that do not require a permit are as follows:

  • Detached accessory structures (under 256 square feet) used for storage/utility purposes, not classified as group F1 or H occupancy. (However, an electrical permit is required if electrical wiring is installed)
  • Electrical equipment that operates at less than 50 volts (except for smoke/fire systems)
  • Fences and privacy walls that are not part of a building, structure, or swimming pool barrier. Exempt walls must be under six feet in height.
  • Replacement of existing above ground LP - Gas containers of the same capacity in the same location and associated regulators when installed by the servicing gas supplier.
  • Retaining walls supporting less than three feet of unbalanced fill (soil)
  • Swimming Pools that have a surface area less than 150 square feet, under 5,000 gallons and are less than 24 inches deep.
  • Tents under 900 square feet with occupant loads under 50 people
  • When ordinary repairs are made such as:
    • Installation or replacement of floor finishings, cabinetry, paint, or wall paper
    • Replacement of electrical switches, dimmers, 15 or 20 amp 125 volt receptacles, lighting outlets, and ceiling (paddle) fans in Single Family Dwellings
    • Replacement of mechanical appliances that are not fueled by gas or oil
    • Replacement of plumbing fixtures without alterations or relocation
    • Replacement of roof coverings or siding in Single Family Dwellings
    • Replacement of windows and doors (same size) in Single Family Dwellings


If you require clarification if concerning work requiring a building permit, please contact the Franklin County Building Inspections Department between 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday at 540-483-3047.

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